At our studio, we try to get to know our clients, taking into account their needs and what’s important to them; captivating their ideas and conceptual perceptions into account and working our way towards generating them into reality.

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Drawing upon our experience in both design and construction industries, we minimize duplication of wasted space and effort, and maximize cost and material-efficient ways of designing your desired space. Based on the needs of society and the environment, EXPOSE design studio offers a variety of visually and aesthetically pleasing solution that are functional and ground breaking. The main idea behind all our design strategy is well-designed buildings that can enrich the quality of life of our users. With more than 8 years of experience, EXPOSE design studio focuses on the essential building blocks of design such as:

  • Effective and efficient use of natural resources.
  • Protecting natural resources through lifecycle assessment and objectives, conservation and recycling of materials and products, and non-toxic product content.
  • Minimizing environmental harm as a value based practice and decision making process and protecting the natural system.
  • Improving the interconnected relationship between environmental quality and quality of life.

Hiring a designer is often understood as luxury or an extra expense.
At EXPOSE Design Studio, projects are carefully taken into consideration as a whole, bearing in mind its financial aspects. One of the many important roles that designers at EXPOSE studio play in the projects is to assure the efficiency of work and budget, guaranteeing a valuable outcome from the design and construction process. We tackle problems based on the needs of the society and the environment, by generating ingenious concepts that would be the best fit for any given circumstances based on our clients’ needs.



EXPOSE can provide design services to complete a successful project on time,
on budget and using the most current architectural design technologies and construction techniques
while providing strong design advocacy in coordination with our project by project selected
specialized multidisciplinary team of consultants.



Canada, Iran

Orod is an award winning and creative Architectural Designer with broad experience in residential and commercial projects. He is a graduate of the OCAD University. Before Expose Design Group Inc. in 2008 and in the intervening years he has been awarded significant honours. Orod has extensive teaching experience in Architectural Design and Interior Design. He believes good architecture is achieved when aesthetic pleasing forms meet function. In addition to being a talented designer, Orod is a natural and highly respected manager, leader and motivator. Leading with humility, deep integrity and quiet determination, Orod has demonstrated his leadership and project management skills on many successful and high-profile projects.



the TEAM

Orod Tajdaran | Senior Architectural Designer

Hesam Esfahani | Architectural/Interior Designer

Vahid Golbabapour | Structrural Designer (P.Eng)

Parham Karimi | Studio Director

Human Kianersi | 3D Visualization Manager

Setayesh Mehdipour | Intermediate Interior Designer


We provide professional services to meet the needs and requirements of our diverse clients as required to meet the demands of any project.


Our design packages prove to be useful as an overview of how your project will come to completion.


Site Analysis
Zoning by Law Research
Design Development
Technical Drawings - Plan, Section, Elevation, etc.

Results | 3D Rendering
Committee of Adjustment
Permit Process


Floor Design, All Vertical Surfaces, Ceiling Design,Kitchen and all cabinetries
Material and Feature Selection
Lighting Design

Results | 3D renderings, detail plan, all interior elevations, reflected ceiling plan, electrical plan, special interior detail drawings, specifications.


Exterior Lighting
Hard & Soft Landscape
Material Selection

Results | drawings, special detail drawings, specifications.


Structural Design